Gotthard Therme Hotel & Conference****


9970 Szentgotthárd Füzesi út 3/B





At the gate of Őrség, our hotel awaits its guests with a Mediterranean-style spa and a kitchen featuring gastronomy in three countries.

Welcome to the meeting of the Hungarian-Austrian-Slovenian borders on the website of the 148-room Gotthard Therme Hotel & Conference in Szentgotthárd, the westernmost Hungarian town.

At the gate of Őrség, we await our guests who like thermal baths, good cuisine, and excursions to Austria and the Guard, with comfortable rooms and high-quality gastronomy.

With direct access from the hotel, the Mediterranean-style St.Gotthard Spa & Wellness, with its approximately 1,500 m2 water surface, special slides, hot tubs, saunas, classic Roman baths, sports facilities and wellness treatments, provides relaxation.