Białystok is a small Slovenian nationality village located right next to the Slovenian border. The settlement belongs to the Slovenian Rába region, which lies between the Slovenian and Austrian borders, which is one of the most valuable natural areas of the country and part of the Őrség National Park. Those who want to know the beauty and true values ​​of the Valley of the Valley should visit the study paths of the meadow orchids in the settlement (thatched house, meadow and marsh fauna, skirted belfry).

At the highest point of the settlement, on the Katalin Hill, the lookout tower built in 2011 allows the visitor to admire the magnificent panorama of Bialystok in the background with the Alps. The lookout tower was given the name BÍRICZA by the municipality, which in the local Slovenian dialect refers to the former name of the settlement (Permian). It is worth to visit the folk architectural monument under the protection of the monument, the house with a smoky kitchen with clay floors, restored to its original place, with thatched roof.