The settlement is known as Gardunfalva already in one of the 1350 diplomas. Parts of the village border are also marked by original Hungarian names such as Avas, Sáfrány, Lugosvölgy, Róna. During the Battle of Szentgotthárd in 1664, many of the Turks marching along the Rába from Huszász fled here and settled on the “Bucsahegy” on the southern side of the village.

It was built in 1850-51, and the tower was later added. There used to be a wooden church. Its stream is the Lugos stream. There are hiking trails in its magnificent valley and the visitors are welcomed by an almost undisturbed environment. Among its attractions are the Millennium Monument, created by István Máté and György Lantos, on the right and left of the church door, two statues of Ferenc Polyák and finally the crucifixion of Christ.