The village of Magyarlak is situated on the southern side of the Rába valley, as the eastern neighbor of the town of Szentgotthárd, in a beautiful natural environment on the edge of the Őrség National Park. The village is surrounded by one of the last mountain ranges of the Rába River to the north and the Alps to the south. The Rába Whitewater World is an old favorite of water hikers, who launch longer or shorter water tours in or around the village.

The hills around the village are covered with forests and vineyards, where you can take walks in the woods and take longer hikes in beautiful, crystal clear air. The village originally consisted of two villages, Lak and Tráromháza, and after their unification in 1935 it was named Magyarlak. Its history goes back more than 700 years.

There are several associations in the settlement. The Sports Circle, the Volunteer Fire Brigade, the Tradition Society, the Civil Guard and the Youth Association all offer colorful entertainment for all ages.