The village of Szakonyfalu is southwest of Szentgotthárd. 7 km away. As early as 1350, the village is listed by a certificate called Zakonyfolva. The Roman Catholic Church, one of the most important landmarks of the settlement, was raised in 1922 from the sacrifice of the villagers who had broken into America. Its altar is decorated with a picture of the Blessed Virgin. Since it was difficult to approach the westernmost village of the Upper Völgy, before the opening of the border in 1990, the Hungarian Association of Nature-Friendly He marked the “western point” near the forestry house of Sakonyfalu. The memory of this western point – the headboard – is still there. The statue of St. Anne, a worthy counterpart of the statue of Mary in Lower Silesia, also seems to be a more sacred memorial than the church.

In September 2010, a dream was born that came true on September 23, 2011, which is none other than the Glorious Cross of Jesus. The cross was consecrated on September 24, 2011 by Otto Varga Esperanto.